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Binding Quote No. 514-M3507718

Dallas To Kearny


  • Customer Name: XXXXXXXX

  • Address: 1070 West Main Street 

  • Level/Floor/Apt: Ground , Floor: 1, Apt. #: 615

  • City/State/Zip: Dallas , TX 

  • Contact Phone: XXXXXXXX

  • Cell Phone: XXXXXXXX

  • E-Mail : XXXXXXXX


  • Customer Name: XXXXXXXX

  • Address: Tbd 

  • Level/Floor/Apt: 

  • City/State/Zip: Kearny, NJ 07032

  • Contact Phone: XXXXXXXX

  • Cell Phone: XXXXXXXX

  • E-Mail : XXXXXXXX


  • Job No.: 514-M3507718

  • Representative: Tyler Green

  • Move Type: Long Distance, 880 miles

  • Estimated Volume: 299 cf. (2093 lbs) $3.68 per cf

  • Move Date: Wednesday, 05/30/2018-05/31/2018

  • 1 st Available Delivery: 

  • Created on: 05/07/2018 


  • Basic Estimate Price $1100.32

  • Fuel Surcharge: 6.00 %   $66.02

  • Free Blankets and Pads $0.01

  • Price is binding based on inventory $0.01

  • Basic Valuation Protection: $0.60 per lbs. per article $0.00

  • Total Binding Quote: $1321.00

Inventory List 11 Items, 19 Pieces


8  BOX MED. 12*18*24 (3 CF) (PBO)  










1  TV FLAT SCREEN 33-60`` (PBO)  


Full Value Protection Amount of Liability: $16,800.00 (Optional)

WARNING: If a moving company loses or damages your goods, there are 2 different standards for the company’s liability based on the types of rates you pay. BY FEDERAL LAW, THIS FORM MUST CONTAIN A FILLED-IN ESTIMATE OF THE COST OF A MOVE FOR WHICH THE MOVING COMPANY IS LIABLE FOR THE FULL (REPLACEMENT) VALUE OF YOUR GOODS in the event of loss of, or damage to, the goods. This form may also contain an estimate of the cost of a move in which the moving company is liable for FAR LESS than the replacement value of your goods, typically at a lower cost to you. You will select the liability level later, on the bill of lading (contract) for your move. Before selecting a liability level, please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government

Your quote is good for 14 days Understanding Your Quote

This BINDING ESTIMATE is based on the information provided by the customer. The inventory list is used to calculate the volume/weight of the move. Should your inventory's estimated volume/weight increase at the time of pick-up or should you require additional services (packing, stair carry, long carry, shuttle, etc.), unless specified above, your price may change based on the agreed-upon rate per pound and/or cubic feet.

Price Includes the Following

• Pick-up & delivery

• Loading and unloading

• Free moving blankets will be provided

• Standard disassembly and re- assembly of furniture

• All taxes are included

• All tolls are included

• No additional charge for elevator

• 30 days of free, complimentary climate-controlled storage. Let us know if you may need additional storage prior to booking and/or pickup. If storage is arranged after pickup, prices may vary.


Non-Shippable Items Are (DO NOT Pack the Following)

• Propane Tanks

• Guns / Firearms

• Live Plants / Trees

• Perishable Food

• Liquids (I.E. Shampoos, Conditioners, Cleaning Products)

• Gasoline / Flammables or Any Harmful Chemicals (I.E. Nail Polish Remover, Hair Spray and Gasoline Tanks Must Be Empty)

• Pets / Persons

• Plastic Bags

• Valuables (Money / Jewelry / Prescriptions / Medications)

• Painting Supplies / Paint Thinners


Insurance & Valuation

• Limited Valuation Protection of 60 cents per pound per article up to $10,000 per shipment is included automatically

•We work with Moving for additional insurance. PLEASE NOTE - additional insurance coverage cannot be purchased on the day of the move. Please speak to your representative if you would like to be contacted by a representative of Moving to receive more information regarding Full Value Protection or other insurance options.


Filing of Claims / Complaints & Arbitration Program

• For filing of claims for loss, damage, delay or overcharge, all claims must be submitted in writing to CSI within nine months of the date of delivery

• All services provided by Move Us, Inc must be paid in full for the entitlement to file a claim

• To file a claim please go to and click "File a Claim." For further assistance with your claim you may call CSI at: 1-877-CSI (274)-0074

• Arbitration - Move Us, Inc participates in the MPN (Moving Pros Network) Arbitration Program as a registered member.


Accessorial Services

• Long Carry - First 75 feet are FREE of Charge. Any additional set of 50 feet thereafter will be charged at $75.00 per set.

• Stair Carry: First 2 flights of stairs (flight = 8 steps) are FREE of Charge. Any additional flights of stairs will be charged $75.00 per flight

• Shuttle Service - Minimum charge of $330 for truck rental + additional $65.00 per 100 cu.ft. (or 700 lbs)

• If there is additional packing labor and/or materials needed to perform the move there will be additional charges.


General Delivery Schedule

• 0-500 miles delivery spread is between 0-14 business days

• 501-3300 miles delivery spread is between 3-21 business days

• Delivery schedule begins from the first date you will be ready to accept your shipment (First Available Delivery Date).


Payment Terms

•Deposit of 30% along with a booking fee of $44.95 to secure the spot on a calendar can be paid by any major credit card

• 50% of the total move cost is paid at pickup by Credit Card, Postal Money Order, Certified Check or Cash

• 20% balance is paid at the time of delivery prior to unloading of the truck by Postal Money Order or Cash ONLY

• Jobs with a 1-2 delivery day spread should pay the total balance by cash or money order

• In case of cancellation the booking fee is not refundable and does not apply for the principal amount. The 30% deposit is forfeited in case of cancellation on the scheduled move day. 4% transaction fee will be added for all credit card transactions.


Note to All Customers

By approving this estimate I agree that this is an accurate and complete list of the service requirements and list of items intended for shipping. I understand that if I have a different service requirements or additional items at the time of pick-up this estimate will be automatically canceled and a new estimate will be provided on-site and may be increased per Move Us, Inc’s applicable tariff. By signing this quote electronically I hereby confirm that I have read and acknowledged all terms and conditions presented in "Understanding your Estimate." Don't forget to ask for "Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move" Booklet, or click on the link.

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